Your Brand On Our Products.

We print your brand on our products for free. Branding is a great way to either stay ‘top-of-mind’ with your customers or to make your products more attractive for sale.

Let Pall Mall put your branding or logo on our products that you sell to your customers at no extra cost to you – they’ll be looking at your branding all day, every day without costing you a cent! Or do you need to go the extra mile to win your customer’s business? That’s where you can offer them their branding on your products as a complimentary extra – an add-on that’s sure to impress them.

Exciting new offer for floor pad distributors

Pall Mall has recently invested in high end colour label printers and now offer free co-branding on their full range of floor  pad carton labels. The label shows the Glomesh brand guaranteeing a premium product to the end user but your brand and address details will be printed on the label in living colour. Additionally a small promotion space can be made available on the label if required. Simply supply a full colour high quality vector logo and one contact address.

Free branding on other Pall Mall products

Pall Mall offers free branding options on a selection of their products, as listed following.

Available Pall Mall Private Labelled Products

Product Product details Minimum Order Qty Link
Plastic A-frame Signs Any standard colour / message 10 Safety Signs
Slimline Stainless Steel A-Frame Slimline style with standard Wet Floor message 5 Stainless Steel Safety Signs
Custom A-Frame A-frame signs with custom mes- sage – logo black only 10 Stainless Steel Safety Signs
Gala Lobby Dust Pans Available for sets or standalone pans 10 Lobby Dustpans
Gala 900mm Safety Cone Any standard colour / message 10 Safety Cones
Scent Aire Urinal Screens Any standard fragrance 100 Urinal Screens
Scent Aire Soap Dispensers 840ml or 1300ml sizes 10 Soap Dispensers
Scent Aire Toilet Bowl Clips Available for all fragrances 100 Toilet Bowl Clips

The following conditions apply:

This offer only applies to printing on specific Pall Mall products as shown below Promotional printing is a complimentary on-going service unless otherwise advised You will need to supply us your graphics as a vector file to our specification Minimum order quantities apply as per items shown below.

Mono colour printing is the recommended standard with two colour printing supplied only by arrangement (no colour matching is offered).

Floor pad carton labels are in full colour.

Let us help you achieve your goals now!

When you next order your products contact Pall Mall on 02 9584 8644 or email us at and ask for your branding (or your customer’s branding) to be put on your product.

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