Time & Attendance still important to get right

freshOps.com.au is the only LIVE field management software specifically made to help cleaning companies win and keep more customers.


It is kind of funny that many cleaning companies are still grappling with basic aspects of their operations. But it is certainly no laughing matter if you are on the end of the line with a customer who wants to know;

WHO is doing WHAT and WHEN did they last do X.

But Time & Attendance, Rostering, Inductions and Pay Roll don’t need to be difficult. Given how many companies struggle with it, we think it is actually an opportunity for your services to excel.

Clients employ your company to manage their cleaning activities on their site, and we agree that knowing who is doing what, when and where are very reasonable expectations. We can help you simply and quickly exceed these expectations every day.

With freshops.com.au you can track LIVE time & attendance, manage rosters with staff and assign activities for each site visit instantly. Add to this our Induction and Pay Roll reports and you have an all-in-one operations management platform that saves you time and improves the accuracy of your work.

This means the answers to “WHO did WHAT and WHEN” is available to you instantly at any time. Ensuring you are more responsive for your clients and more in control of your business.

Time & Attendance 

Our Time & Attendance is simple and quick. Your staff use their own smart phone to check-in to each new work location in seconds. And if staff don’t have a smart phone, suitable handsets are now so cheap, your whole team will soon be providing time stamps on their work down to the second.


With mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices your staff will now receive all the information they need when on site, how much time they have to complete tasks and what equipment and information they need to get the job done right.



Many of our clients also make use of our Site Notes feature to include PDF or video information to induct employees to new sites. This allows you to move jobs between staff instantly in the case of absence or illness without having to go to site or repeat information time and again. You can even use our platforms to train new team members to the company or to new tasks.

Pay Roll

If you use one of the common accounting platforms you can export the time and attendance data directly into your accounting software providing instant pay roll processing. All shifts are subject to approval, so you get to check them first and once they are ready, you can simply push them to pay roll. This feature alone saves some of our clients days of work each month.

With the above in place you get to say good bye to early morning calls of “have you been here last night?”. With mobile workforce monitoring you immediately know what was done, by whom and when. Ensuring you keep the confidence of your clients and their business.

Check out www.freshops.com.au today and let us help you stay ahead of the rising expectations of customers. You will WIN more business that you can KEEP by delivering consistent, high quality work through your team.

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