Taking Sidewalk Sweeping To The Max

Introducing the Conquest MaxWind sidewalk sweeper. 100% battery operated this street sweeper provides whisper quiet operation with up to 8hrs of continuous operation.

The Conquest MaxWind is a 100% battery operated sidewalk sweeper, offering whisper quiet operation and zero harmful emissions. Thanks to the electric powered technology and clever internal and external insulation the MaxWind operates at just 68Db making it 30% quieter than traditional sweepers.

Featuring a wide 1250mm sweep path, the Conquest MaxWind is compact and easily manoeuvrable in urban areas including walkways, courtyards, carparks and other small to medium sized outdoor spaces. The flexible 120mm diameter suction hose enables effective collection of larger litter and debris from areas such as garden beds with an impressive 3m reach.

Created with operator comfort and safety in mind, the ergonomic design and ease of use make this sweeper a favourite among operators. The MaxWind comes complete with a comprehensive dust control system comprised of a PM10 suction filter surface and additional wetdust suppression system on front two brushes, which eliminates airborne dust particles. The generous and easy to empty 110l waste hopper enables up to 8 hours of continuous operation. Traditionally a walk-behind sweeper the MaxWind is available with an optional chariot for improved operator comfort.

The Conquest MaxWind maximises productivity covering small to medium indoor or outdoor spaces with ease, providing a reliable clean and can be recharged at any available power source.

Book your free no obligation demonstration today or contact Conquest’s friendly team today to find out more information on this impressive sidewalk sweeper or any of the products in Conquest’s Outdoor Solution range phone 1800 826 789 or visit www.conquestequipment.com.au.

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