Anti-bacterial glass for healthcare facilities

Although it sounds like something from a science fiction film, US manufacturer Corning Incorporated has, as posted on, released an anti-bacterial glass that kills bacteria and viruses that come into contact with it. However anti-bacterial glass already exists. ‘One version, made by Belgium-based AGC Glass Europe, kills 99 percent of the bacteria that come in […]

Infectious diseases deliver major fillip to disinfectant and antiseptic market

Nurtured by numerous infectious diseases’ outbreaks, the world disinfectant and antiseptic market is expected to reach US$7 billion by 2016, about double its present size. In 2009, the global disinfectant and antiseptic market was worth some US$3.4 billion, but by 2010 had grown more than 12%, to reach a value of US$3.8 billion, according […]

Anti-bacterial recovery tanks enhance scrubbing hygiene levels

Manufactured with special synthetic material components designed to significantly reduce bacterial growth, Hako Antibac recovery water tanks offer permanent anti-bacterial properties that help protect cleaning staff. Integrated into Hako’s B 45, B 70, and B 90 Clinic auto scrubber/drier, this machine is ideal for sites with strict hygiene requirements such as aged care homes, hospitals […]

Bunzl expands with acquisitions in the UK and Australia

International distribution and outsourcing group Bunzl has entered into an unconditional agreement to acquire a business in the UK and has completed the acquisition of a business in Australia. Bunzl has agreed to acquire the business of Cannon Consumables from OCS Group UK Limited. Operating from four locations, Cannon Consumables is principally engaged in the […]

International guidelines to protect workers against HIV and TB issued

Many workers, including cleaners, are at the frontline in providing prevention, treatment and   care for people living with HIV and TB throughout the world. They are at risk of occupational exposure to HIV and TB but often themselves lack adequate access to protection and treatment. To address this gap, new international guidelines are being launched […]

Cleaning industry influences infection control guidelines

By Brian Clark* On Tuesday 26 October 2010, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) published the final version of the 2010 Guideline for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare. This 262 page document includes changes that were brought about by public input after draft Guidelines were issued for public comment in […]


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