Strict hand hygiene and environmental control to combat Hospital superbug

‘Doctors are urgently trying to contain a potentially fatal superbug that has been found in 21 of the state’s most vulnerable babies at Monash Medical Centre and Casey Hospital in Melbourne’s south-east’ (Victoria) stated Julia Medew in a 26 November article in The Victoria Age. ‘There are also fears that the antibiotic-resistant bacterium – vancomycin […]

Hand hygiene plays vital role in public health

Two recent news articles about poor hand hygiene posted on are testimony to the ever-increasing awareness and vital role of the cleaning and hygiene industry in public health and the importance of enforcing a national benchmark for hand hygiene standards. This is a major concern for the British Olympic team that has been ‘advised […]

Free ACI webinar raises global awareness on hygienic hand washing

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is offering a free, one hour webinar for educators and health professionals about hygienic hand washing techniques. The event takes place Monday October 3 2011 at 6:30 pm US Eastern Standard Time. You can register online at: “In just 60 minutes, we will share up-to-date information about hand washing that […]


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