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Save money with IntelliPad – 1 pad for 80% of your floor cleaning tasks!

Clean floors are essential in your commercial space to evoke your customer confidence and ensure return business. The challenge is maintaining consistent floor appearance without incurring high labour costs. IntelliPad offers a 3 in 1 value solution to clean, polish and burnish floors providing increased gloss and clarity in floor appearance, with day to day use. The diamond technology works to keep the floor finish smoother and avoid dirt embedment when compared to traditional cleaning, thus extends polish life, reduces the need for burnishing and leads to a better cost in use. This premium pad has an outstanding sustainability profile and provides excellent cleaning results.

WHAT are the Features & Benefits of IntelliPad?
Removes micro-scratches from floor coatings reducing dirt embedment and formulated to work with all machines
Increase in metered gloss and clarity of treated floors, scratch repair for all finishes and leaves a cleaner appearance.

Cost Control
– Delivers 3 times longer cleaning than a standard 3M Red pad.
– Cleaning:  Up to 40,000m2 per pad
– Burnishing:  Up to 9,000m2 per pad (vs. a conventional red pad at only 7,000 m2)
– Order only one product for most common cleaning tasks.
– Up to 70% less packaging vs conventional carton box of 5 pads.
– Less waste and space saving.

TASKI IntelliPad replace the various colours of pads used for the 3 applications:
– Cleaning pads (red or green)  150-400 rpm
– Polishing pads (white) 400-900 rpm
– Burnishing pads (beige, tan or pink) 1,000-3,000 rpm

TASKI IntelliPads are available in 28cm, 33cm, 35cm, 38cm, 40cm, 43cm, 50cm – (2 Pads per pack).

Contact your Diversey Care Account Representative directly or customer service on : 1800 647 779 or an Approved Diversey Distributor to see how TASKI® IntelliPad® and our other floor care innovations can improve your efficiency, sustainability and bottom line.

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