Revive carpets with Hydromist Compact

Daily traffic and spills can leave carpets looking jaded, scarred and old before their time. The Hydromist Compact can help restore your carpets


There’s nothing quite like carpet for creating a sense of homely comfort. Its reassuring texture cushions our feet, our ears from noise, and pleases the eye with colour. Except when stains and wear give it a neglected, downtrodden look.

An all-in-one spray extractor is the most efficient interim cleaning tool to ensure carpets and upholstery don’t lose their pristine appeal.

The Hydromist range from Truvox International is designed for the most demanding environments, including aged care facilities and offices where constant foot traffic and spills tend to leave their mark.

Hydromist spray extractors spray cleaning solution and extract dirt with a powerful vacuum. The Hydromist Compact has an added powerful built-in rotary brush that lifts dirt from deep within the carpet prior to vacuuming. A low-foaming shampoo diluted in water is sprayed at pressure. It breaks down and loosens oily and greasy soils before they’re suctioned away by a powerful vacuum. A second pass of dry vacuuming completes the process and reduces drying time.


This is the most rapid and cost-effective way to deal with spillages, spot clean or revive larger areas, restoring that pristine look to carpets and upholstery.

Key features of the Hydromist Compact include:

  • 250 mm cleaning width
  • Powerful built-in rotary brush lifts dirt from deep within the carpet
  • Powerful vacuum, pump and brush motors give maximum productivity
  • High capacity 14 litre solution tank for maximum cleaning and minimum refilling
  • The transparent recovery tank lid allows you to see the dirty water
  • Quick fit spray jet for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Robust construction, built for minimum maintenance
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Large non-marking, stair-climbing wheels
  • Easy fit accessories for upholstery and stair cleaning
  • Convenient pictogram instructions on machine for ease of use


Truvox International

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