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R&J Batteries have partnered with USA company RELiON as the Australian & New Zealand distributors for Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology

R&J Partnered with RELiON because when it comes to safety their products met rigorous global safety standards and certifications including UL, CE, and ROHS among others. R&J Batteries industry-leading team of experienced energy storage professionals delivers passion, innovation, and the highest quality support in each and every product we deliver to our customer.

If you’ve invested in floor machines, scrubbers or sweepers, you already know the benefits of reliable rechargeable batteries. LiFePO4 in floor machine benefits include: longer run time per charge cycle, zero maintenance, faster charging and low self-discharge – just to name a few. RELiON builds LiFePO4 batteries that will easily outlast the best flooded, AGM or GEL battery. These EV batteries are lightweight, durable and ready for installation in your floor machine.

All RELiON Lithium batteries offer fully automatic built in battery protection, Safe LiFePO4 technology – every RELiON lithium battery utilizes LiFePO4 chemistry. LiFePO4 cell design includes various safeguards including high temp thermal fuse, flame retardant additive and pressure relief valves, 99% efficient with greater energy density, significantly less weight compared to lead acid batteries, green energy source with zero emissions, and much longer life span than lead acid batteries.

For more information contact; R&J Batteries
1300 769 282 / www.rjbatt.com.au


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