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INCLEAN covers cleaning diploma training

Strong industry support for Diploma in Management courses

Lennox Institute, in conjunction with the CPSISC, is busy conducting cleaning industry diploma in management courses. ‘Equating’  to level 5 training, they have been extremely well received by building service contractor companies, which in turn are signing up significant numbers of appropriately selected staff members. The management students attend face-to-face…

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INCLEAN covers NCSA breakfast

Montgomery tells NCSA members to create their own ‘blue oceans’

Rather than fight tough competition in a ‘red ocean’, products’ and services’ providers should develop a ‘blue ocean’ strategy whereby they find specific market needs and positions, and then service them. That was the key message imparted by Resi CEO Lisa Montgomery when she addressed the March National Cleaning Suppliers…

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INCLEAN reports on Steamatic's restoration efforts

SCM partnered with Steamatic Australia for Victorian flood clean-up

Steamatic Catastrophe Management (SCM) has been working in northern Victoria with Steamatic Australia on cleanup and restoration following recent flood devastation. SCM is a company owned by Steamatic’s franchise owners who work together on large restorations or commercial jobs when the number of claims and restorations requires services exceeding the…

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INCLEAN reports Nilfisk

Nilfisk reports solid organic growth

Early this month Nilfisk-Advance reported it had realised a 2010 revenue of AUD$1048 million (5,747 m DKK), up from 2009’s AUD$937 million, corresponding to organic growth of 7%. Operational EBITDA was AUD$111.6 million (612 m DKK), up from 2009’s AUD$85.6 million (469 m DKK), representing an operational EBITDA margin of…

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INCLEAN reports on Nilfisk

RoW markets to drive significant equipment sales’ growth

Rest-of-the-world (RoW) markets will be the engine room of sales’ growth for equipment manufacturers, with rising living standards in those countries fuelling demand for automated cleaning processes. Nilfisk-Advance’s recently released (early March) 2010 annual report also notes that the equipment supply side remains largely fragmented. ‘The global market for professional…

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INCLEAN recognises innovation at The Cleaning Show

The (UK) Cleaning Show’s awards announced

The Cleaning Show, held in Birmingham UK early March, announced its awards. According to, out of the 97 entries, 48 were shortlisted. The winners were: Food Hygiene: Biobase Europe – Hard Surface Sanitiser Healthcare: Chemspec Europe – Inspection Control Fogging System Retail: Prodifa – Aluminium Ashtray Bag Chemicals &…

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Gainline coaching, March INCLEAN

‘Red Ocean’ players need a business coach

By Kent Anderson The cleaning industry has long recognised the need for training and education of its staff. The smart businesses, however, are now realising the key to survival is the training and educating of its owners. The statistics don’t lie: 80% of businesses fail in within the first five…

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Bendigo Property Services, March INCLEAN

Process-driven Bendigo contractor secures excellence award

With management skills honed in the sporting arena, Martin Leach has developed Bendigo Property Services (BPS) into an award winning contract cleaning business that is committed to investing in its immediate region. A key to its success has been process-driven planning. Established by Leach in 2004 as a family owned…

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Cyndan marketing in March INCLEAN

Cyndan contributes to flood cleanup

Cyndan took the opportunity to offer those affected by the Queensland floods 20 percent free product on top of their existing orders in order to help in the cleanup and sanitisation process. The company pointed out that a major problem which occurs with flooding, other than the obvious immediate devastation,…

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Whiteley Marketing in INCLEAN magazine

EarthSmart tops the class in Victorian schools

Contract cleaner Elynwood Pty Ltd has done its homework for the Partnerships Victoria: Victorian Schools Project. This initiative is designed to provide better services to maintain 11 new government schools located in Melbourne’s north, west, and south as part of a long term plan to improve and expand Victoria’s public…

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Pacvac from INCLEAN March 2010

Pacvac kit boosts productivity

In the current economic climate Pacvac understand how important it is for building service contractors (BSCs) to maximise the cleaners’ productivity. How? By using Pacvac’s Productivity Booster Kit for the company’s Superpro 700 series of back pack vacuum cleaners. “It is the cleaning industry’s most advanced productivity and occupational health…

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Staff turnover reduced with higher wages

Staff turnover reduced with higher wages

A just-released Asset Skills (UK) Intelligence paper (issue 10), authored by researcher Helen Kemp, indicates that migrant workers continue to play a significant role in the cleaning industries of a number of nations including; Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Finland and England. In Ireland however, the proportion of migrant workers is…

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