OCS introduces chemical free cleaning

OCS aims to become the most environmentally sustainable cleaning business by 2020.

OCS is a step closer to becoming the most environmentally sustainable business in its sector by 2020 thanks to implementing a chemical free cleaning technology that uses tap water and ozone in its cleaning regimes.

The technology is currently being used by OCS staff at Victoria University of Wellington and the Wellington-based Transpower head office.

Day supervisor at Victoria University, Christa Turner, says the ozone technology has changed the way staff work.

“Throughout my cleaning career I have always used chemicals that are strong scented and rough on skin. Anyone can use this new product,” said Turner. “In the past, I’ve had colleagues break out in rashes on their arms because of the chemicals they were using.”

The technology uses Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO) and is proven to be more effective than bleach and chlorine based cleaners. It is non-irritant, non-caustic and breaks down to water and oxygen once it’s finished working.

OCS general manager Central Region Clinton McKee says there is a number of benefits when using the SAO and it is great news for staff.

“Hazardous chemicals are eliminated, there’s no guess work required in mixing chemicals, and the product can be safely used in enclosed areas with little or no ventilation,” he said.

McKee says there is also a big reduction in the environmental impact with SAO reverting back to oxygen and water when it’s no longer in use, meaning toxic chemicals aren’t disposed into the waterway.

“Because it’s all done on site in the one place there’s a reduction to the carbon footprint and it also eliminates the raw materials which are used to make cleaning chemicals made up of numerous non-renewable items.”

The introduction of SAO follows OCS NZ releasing its Sustainability Report last year.

“We’re continuing to test ourselves and set the bar high in order to ensure a legacy for the next generation,” said OCS managing director Gareth Marriott.

The company is now considering rolling out SAO to other regions.


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