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Keep noise levels to a whisper with TASKI® AERO

Over 70% of vacuuming is undertaken in day-time hours leading to noise issues creating customer/guest disturbance.

Diversey have the answer to reduce noise levels! TASKI AERO TUB VACUUM CLEANER with WHISPER QUIET TECHNOLOGY!

The AERO vacuum range combines patented ultra-silent, whisper technology with an airflow system which delivers reliable and efficient cleaning at a peak noise rating of 53db(A), making it an ideal choice for both day-time and night-time cleaning.

The efficient state-of-the-art 585W motor delivers the same cleaning result as a motor with more than 900W, achieved through the ingenious patent airflow system which also works to reduce energy costs and CO2.

TASKI AERO 8 and 15 Plus models include features such as dust bag indicator and optional HEPA filters. The 15 Plus model comes complete with an ‘Eco mode’ button – just one press and noise emission fall to 50db (A) with an energy consumption decrease of roughly 50 percent to 300 watts. These noise, energy and cost savings are all achieved without any compromise to cleaning efficiency.


– Ergonomic on/off foot pedal

– Ergonomic flip top handle for ease of transport

– 2 position storage (upright or side)

– Dust bag indicator

– 12.5m orange power lead

– Eco button (15 Plus model only)

– Rewind handle (15 Plus model only)


– Optional HEPA filter

TASKI AERO available in two models:

  • TASKI AERO 15 Plus

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