Kärcher’s BRC 40/22 C – shortlisted ISSA innovation award nominee

Kärcher's new BRC 40/22 C carpet cleaner with deep, interim, spot or upholstery cleaning possible.

Kärcher’s BRC 40/22 C carpet cleaner is changing the way carpets are cleaned by driving innovation forward. From the market leader in carpet care, the industry’s first self-contained, walk forward carpet extractor with an articulating head to drive an increase in productivity, and bring enjoyment back to cleaning carpets.

The BRC 40/22 C is a 3-in-1 carpet cleaning machine with extraction, encapsulation and upholstery capabilities. At minimum, the BRC 40/22 C increases productivity by 30% compared to conventional carpet cleaning machines due to its single motion technique, efficient water management and reduced dry time. Additionally, its 200 degree turning head makes for agile, safe and intuitive handling.

The new BRC 40/22 C has quickly been highly regarded within the cleaning industry, so much so that it was recently shortlisted for the innovation award at the 2018 ISSA cleaning and hygiene expo!

As a highly prominent figure in the cleaning industry, Kärcher continues to lead with innovation and creativity. This is not only evident in the BRC 40/22 carpet cleaner, but also in the new WVP 10 professional window vac.

The window vac has only recently been launched and is a professional version of the home & garden window vac. Additional features include a larger tank and more flexibility when operating the machine.

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