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How to convince customers quality cleaning is worth paying for

Dianna Steinbach, ISSA director of Europe, Middle East, Africa & Oceania Services, shares insights and advice with attendees of the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo on how to convince customers that quality cleaning is a commodity that is worth paying for.

“One of the things that’s most important to our industry right now, is convincing customers that we can provide way more value than what they realise. And that value is so worthwhile that they should crack open the bank account and pay a little bit more money for what they’re getting from us.

According to Steinbach, it all starts with how we in the industry present ourselves not only to customers, but also our friends, families and acquaintances.

“I call myself a public health defender,” she explained. “But a lot of people in our industry don’t call themselves that. Instead, they seem to get a little nervous and say things like: ‘Oh, I just sell toilet paper’.

“But if you can’t tell other people about what you do and be proud of it, how on earth are you going to tell your customers what you do and make them want to pay you more for it?

“Introducing ourselves properly is so critical,” she said. “We have to explain who we are and what we do in a way that makes people value us. Otherwise why did we show up for the day?”

Steinbach also spoke about the importance of being able to make connections with customers and being a little more creative when presenting your cleaning business to a prospective client.

“In our industry, we need to understand the different types of language clients use, and the different types of things that are most important to an organisation. They probably have nothing to do with cleaning, but if you can make a connection with these things and cleaning, you can make an impact.

“For example, every surface has a life cycle. And the less it is cleaned, more wear and tear that takes place. We cleaners know that, but clients don’t always pay attention to that kind of thing.”

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