High-traffic washrooms now better equipped to handle large crowds

Bring on the crowds with Tork PeakServe and 250% more hand towels

For a building services manager, a cleaner or facility manager big crowds can cause big problems at venues like airports, zoos, shopping centres and stadiums. Large crowds put heavy stress on washrooms and their equipment. Refills can run out fast and cleaners have a hard time keeping up. It can even be a struggle to access washrooms during peak periods.

According to global research, dirty and overcrowded washrooms are the biggest issues for patrons at venues such as sports stadiums – more than violence and long entry lines. People simply don’t want to be delayed in a washroom, let alone an unclean one. Over 70 percent have had a bad washroom experience, and a quarter of patrons have avoided washrooms altogether.

Tork have used this research to design the new Tork PeakServe hand towel dispensing system. It has been made specifically for high-traffic areas. Tork PeakServe holds 250 percent more hand towels, servicing over eight hundred patrons between refills. It features a whole new way of dispensing towels fast, allowing venues to serve more patrons in less time without run-out.

“The guest experience is valuable in any hospitality business and washrooms can have a direct impact. One in three people avoid going to the washroom when out and they limit what they eat and drink in order to do so. This is not good news for a venue’s overall revenue,” says Rochelle Lake, Tork Professional Hygiene.

Tork PeakServe combines a number of features that enable washrooms to be better prepared to handle large crowds. Each bundle of towels is a continuous unit of paper that can serve large crowds fast – without interruption, tabbing or jamming. And the dispenser actually feeds towels from the top of the stack, not the bottom, so it generates smooth, one-at-a-time dispensing that requires very low pull force and is also very swift. Visitors can get a towel in three seconds and move on rather than wait ten seconds for a jet air dryer.

Tork PeakServe can also be refilled twice as fast (as a standard dispenser) and topped up anytime. And with the compressed towel bundles saving storing space, it really is a facility manager’s new best friend. With Tork PeakServe, any venue will be ready to bring on the crowds.

See Tork PeakServe at Stand 179 at ISSA or visit tork.com.au/peakserve


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