Eradicate Superbugs with One Wipe

The new TASKISUM Single Use Microfibre range from Sealed Air’s Diversey Care removes over 99% of bacteria, including C. diff

TASKISUM mop-horz

There is strong evidence that the environment plays a critical role in the transmission of infection, and that microbial pathogens “.. have an innate ability to survive on surfaces in the hospital environment for long periods of time ”1 . Cleaning is therefore a critical component of infection prevention.

TASKISUM hospital_cloth

There is a wealth of science behind choosing the right product (disinfectant) and the right process (tools & practice). Microfibre has proven to be a key development in preventing infection. Microfibre is a synthetic loom comprised of tightly wound fibres approximately one hundredth the diameter of a human hair.

But used microfibre cloths may potentially spread live bacteria “from a contaminated area to a less contaminated area2”, the risk of which may be unacceptably high in some facilities or departments.

The very latest technology is TASKISUM Single Use Microfibre. TASKISUM reduces cross-contamination by removing microbes in one pass. The superior cleaning performance of traditional microfibre has been combined with the convenience of disposables. TASKISUM is proven to remove over 99% of bacteria, including C. diff3

TASKISUM is not just a microfibre yarn knitted into a non-woven base. TASKISUM is 100% premium microfibre, capable of cleaning an incredible 20m2 area. Better efficacy. Better productivity.

TASKISUM hospital_mop2

Designed to be used damp or dry, with a disinfectant or just plain water, TASKISUM is versatile. From Neo-natal Intensive Care to Oncology, from Reception to the Staff Tea Room, with TASKI SUM every life is protected. For staff, that means working in a clean environment and not taking germs home inadvertently and making family members sick.

In high-risk areas, or in facilities where there is limited Laundry capability, TASKISUM reduces the long term costs associated with traditional cleaning. Slips on wet floors, chemical splashes, workers’ comp, laundry, as well as the human and financial cost of serious infection are negated.

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2Bergen et al, “Spread of bacteria on surfaces when cleaning with microfibre cloths”Journal of Hospital Infection (2009) 71, 132e137
3BioLab Tests Laboratory Study Report UK, August 2015..

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