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Desk Top R2R Label Printer – Plug and Play!

R2R-210 – Self Adhesive Reel to Reel Label Production Machine.

Low cost, low overhead Digital Printing Solution. Certified for Marine transportation B55605 standard.

Blue Wool Scale rated at level 7

Variable data printing, nesting, barcode, color management process – all at click of button producing labels on demand!

You can purchase 5 units to the price of one compared. Imagine the production power!

Includes self-estimating costing structure, printing capabilities on 95% certified by Gulmen Digital machinery supplies.

This machine supports white toner.

Major benefits for the end user:

  • Absolute minimum set up time up to 5000 labels 100mmx150mm
  • Easy software image arrangement and costing
  • Colour management to match colours on demand
  • Printing up to 95% of material certified and supplied by Gulmen Digital machinery and supplies with full warranty on product.
  • Low cost overhead
  • Banner printing up to 1200mm
  • Nesting continuous printing up to 400m
  • Printing on demand, proof printing or customer acceptance
  • Knowing costing before printing within minutes

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