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Cyndan enters commercial market with equipment and jansan lines

For some 35 years Sydney-based chemical manufacturer Cyndan Chemicals has developed a strong

Cyndan Chemicals enters jansan market

Sami Raheb (left) and Michael Snounou with some of Cyndan's recently arrived scrubbers

market position as a leading innovator and marketer of specialised industrial chemicals. Now, it’s launching a diverse range of commercial cleaning equipment and jansan lines.

Under the management of its new owners, Michael Snounou and Sami Raheb, the company is focusing on providing what is described as ‘a complete solution to all cleaning supply requirements’.

“Cyndan’s reputation for as long as I can remember has been such that clients come to us when they have problems to solve, not just to buy our soaps and suds,” said Raheb.

In his role as Cyndan’s the chief chemist, Raheb is responsible for research and development. “It’s my job to develop a product for the client if we don’t have one in our current range to suit. This is why the majority of our products are so unique and niche.

“My real passion is in the field of nanotechnology, of which we were the first Australian company to market a nano product seven years ago, which is now sold worldwide,” Raheb pointed out.

As chief operating officer, Snounou has specified a range of medium to high end equipment to complement Cyndan’s chemicals.

“One day after work we asked ourselves why we were not also offering the machinery and ancillary lines that our customers use with our chemicals so that we could complete our offering,” explained Raheb.

“Michael researched the market for 11 months, surveying Cyndan’s clients’ needs and came back with this extensive range, which is being manufactured for us to our specifications. We can’t wait to get feedback from our customers when we make the range available to them early next year.”

Now Cyndan the company, the brand and the range are being giving new profiles. “We will capitalise on the very strong asset we have in the existing Cyndan chemical range and then build on it in 2011. Our new range of equipment is competitively priced as there are no middle men involved. We will also be offering a finance package with some of the bigger ticket products so they become even more attractive to our valued customers,” stated Snounou.

The company is now sporting a new logo; re-designed sales literature; and a new internet site.

While Snounou and Raheb have their eyes focused on the local scene, they aren’t avoiding international opportunities. In November Cyndan USA was opened with its head office in Texas.

“Over the years Cyndan developed excellent relationships with various international distributors and end-users. And, with a large range, it has been in a position to build significant exports in certain product categories,” Snounou noted.

With an honours degree in civil engineering Snounou is well equipped to drive Cyndan ahead, supported by his chemist partner Raheb. “Our skills complement each other and with Cyndan’s more than 35 years’ trading there’s a wealth of knowledge and experience in our organisation,”
Snounou said.

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