‘COVIDSafety in a bottle’

Aeris Active kills COVID-19 and offers ongoing antibacterial protection for up to 7 days or 200 touches!

A patented combination of active ingredients makes Aeris Active the market-leader in COVID-19 kill time and ongoing protection on hard surfaces. Hospital grade disinfection is achieved against COVID-19 in one minute – a market speed record. But Aeris Active keeps running over the long distance with antibacterial protection for up to 7 days or 200 touches.

Patented polymer coating protection


Easy and safe to use, Aeris Active is also compatible with the vast majority of both natural and synthetic surfaces prone to microbial colonisation, its patented quat-polymer invisible protective film, ensures that your surfaces remain safer without impacting how the surface is used or what other chemicals happen to be used on it.

Use to protect very high touch surfaces

HACCP certification means Aeris Active provides protection even in the highest risk areas such as direct food contact surfaces such as cutting boards & utensils. Once clean & disinfected with Aeris Active, simply rinse with clean potable water before using where required.

Five times faster COVID kill time than our nearest competitor

We challenge you to find a better performing disinfectant cleaner in terms of speed or stamina. Contact Allens Industrial or visit a branch today to start enjoying the COVID-Safer benefits of Aeris Active.

Hospital grade and can be fogged
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