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Is it a big deal if a commercial building has water damage?

By Jenny Boymal, managing director of Jena Dyco

Jenny Boymal

There is no simple answer to this question. Every water damage that occurs is different and has a different outcome. As a building manager, facility manager or commercial cleaner, this will affect you in different ways depending on several factors:

The cause of the water damage

Was the water damage caused by a bath overflowing, a toilet back flow, a burst pipe or a water intrusion from outside the building?

The extent of the water damage

The amount of water that has come into the property will obviously have an impact on the size of the job. What can appear to be a small job with a small amount of water can quite easily become more complex if water travels through walls, building materials and possibly building levels.

The building and contents that have been affected by the water damage

Depending on the types of building materials, construction methods and contents in the property can really determine how complex the water damage is. Once again, this is something that needs to be thoroughly assessed.

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