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Be Sure on Any Floor

Step with the confidence in Everflex SureStep. A range of certified slip-resistant shoes, specifically designed to cater for industries where slip hazards have proven to be a problem.

With oil resistant outsoles, lightweight construction and heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support, these shoes are the solution to all staff safety and many businesses are benefitting from them.

Incorporating comfort enhancing materials and breathable mesh linings, Everflex has created a style of shoe that is improving the safety and comfort in a multitude of industries, from hospitality and nursing to retail, cleaning services and factories around Australia.

The unique innersole design and super wide heel delivers superior grip and all-day support, ensuring your team is always putting their best foot forward. The combination of the polyurethane upper and rubber bottom is proven to resist the absorption of liquid and cracking in excess of 50,000 flexes!
The construction provides extreme versatility, ease in cleaning, and affordability.

So whatever floor your business is built on, be sure your team are wearing SureStep.

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