High Pressure? You can rely on Nilfisk

Check out Nilfisk Australia’s professional range of high pressure washers. Across our range of mobile electrical machines – from compact models to high end industrial systems – the Nilfisk machines are guaranteed to deliver professional results, every time.

Do you have the S-Factor?

The 2018 InClean Innovation award winner, erGO! Clean is an ergonomic floor cleaning system that is: Speedy, Strain-Free, Smart, and Safe. A system so good you’ll be singing its praises!

Ban the Mop for professional cleaning

The professional cleaning business has come a long way from John Farnham’s Sadie the Cleaning Lady released in 1967, where Farnham describes poor Sadie working her fingers to the bone.

Clean your Escalator in minutes!

Keep your Escalators gleaming clean at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time with EscaTEQ’s new range of Escalator Cleaning Tools.


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