Automate your payroll processes with eziTracker

Have you ever considered the real cost of processing handwritten timesheets? As more and more clients demand transparency and proof of service delivery, some form of electronic time & attendance is inevitable but it doesn’t have to compromise profitability. eziTracker is the leading electronic monitoring service used by staff to record when they start and […]

Veora, Treating Our Customers Individually

Choosing the right toilet tissue products can help your business to deliver better results and assure you trouble-free product performance. Veora Toilet Tissue Range Our Veora Everyday and Veora Premium toilet tissue range offers more than just quality products. Its superior softness and absorbency is a result of consistency in the production process we are […]

The Steamaster Kaver 1816HT: A Cut Above the Competition

One of the latest innovations in the market is the Steamaster Kaver 1816HT Electric Pressure Washer With Hot Water Pump. This powerful Electric Pressure Washer is specifically intended to be used in food preparation areas and uses a combination of high pressure and hot water to thoroughly clean and sanitize work surfaces. The Steamaster Kaver […]

Protect your business from the unexpected. 100% tax deductions apply

Massive 11 piece comprehensive First Aid Kit with over 375 quality items and inclusions. Over 650,000 work related incidents occur in Australia every year. Only $250.00 (instead of $800.00) including GST with Free delivery! Over 650,000 work-related incidents per annum 70% of businesses, homes, worksites & vehicles don’t have proper first aid kits Over 25,000 […]

A Bin Trolley For Every Purpose

There are three WheelieSafe models; the ‘Essential’, the ‘Multi’ and the ‘Dolly Trolley’. All trollies will handle bins from 120L up to 240L and some 360L, from any side. They are equipped with a failsafe braking system and will freestand. The ‘Essential’ is designed for home use – handling one or two bins down steep […]

Are You Taking Too Long to Strip Floors?

Conquest has released its exciting EDGE Series floor preparation machines that quickly and effectively strip floors using a dry, clean method. And it works! The unique design users a high speed oscillation rectangular head and pressure to remove layers of floor finish in a single pass without chemical, saving up to 70% of labour costs […]


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