The next-generation respirators: the highest level of protection for those on the frontline.

Industrial Cleaners, just like our healthcare workers, are amongst those on the frontline of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Every day they go to work they are at risk of infection which is why a high level of respiratory protection is paramount.

The growing problem for cleaning companies is the cost and availability of disposable N95 masks and respirators, and the issue of trust

Reusable is more economical. Compared to disposable masks, CleanSpace Respirators not only offer more protection, they are more economical as the cost of replacing disposables stacks up. Disposable masks are also well-known for causing fogging and discomfort, leading to low compliance.

No more supply stresses. Once an investment has been made in one of our respirators, companies no longer have to procure, stockpile and dispose of disposable masks.

A trusted Australian brand. CleanSpace Technology, established ten years ago, is an Australian manufacturer based in Sydney and all our products are NIOSH, CE and AUST/NZ approved.

Safety, comfort and compliance. When looking to protect yourself or your staff from any airborne contaminants, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs), offers superior protection over disposable masks. CleanSpace Respirators are a revolution in the area of respiratory protection. They are free from belts, battery packs and hoses. Even when used in hot and humid conditions, CleanSpace Respirators provide cool, clean air to the user and eliminate fogging and moisture. CleanSpace Respirators are light, easy to put on, reliably safe and comfortable to wear for a full shift.

The perfect choice. CleanSpace recommends the CleanSpace Ultra with a full face mask. The CleanSpace Ultra is IP66 rated, water tolerant and offers superior protection P3/TM3 99.95%.

Training. CleanSpace Technology assists in product training, fit testing and instructions on maintenance and care with attentive customer support and advice. CleanSpace offers face to face training via online sessions in response to COVID-19.

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